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Common Sense: A Vision for Ohio

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Common Sense: A Better Tomorrow Starts Here

At the heart of Chuck Horn's mission is the unwavering belief that common sense should drive our decisions and actions. He envisions a better tomorrow for our community and state, one where economic opportunity is within reach for all, public safety is paramount, and the welfare of the people takes precedence over politics.

Who Is Chuck Horn?
Chuck Horn's journey is a testament to his commitment to making a positive impact. With 37 years of experience in helping people navigate the complexities of the rule of law, Chuck has a unique perspective on problem-solving. His tenure at Lexis Nexis allowed him to lead and manage information technology to find practical solutions.

As a 25-year resident of West Chester, Chuck understands the pulse of our community. He's not just an observer but an active participant in making our neighborhoods better. Chuck holds a UC Bearcat degree in Economics, Business, and Law, further enriching his ability to address the diverse challenges we face.
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Explore Common Sense:

Common Sense Work
Learn about Chuck Horn's approach to improving labor conditions, supporting workers' rights, and strengthening the economy.

Green is Common Sense
Discover Chuck Horn's commitment to environmental sustainability, renewable energy, and responsible agriculture.

Common Sense Healthcare
Dive into Chuck Horn's perspective on healthcare reform, accessibility, and the importance of affordable healthcare for all.

Common Sense Gun Safety
Explore Chuck Horn's stance on responsible gun ownership, background checks, and reducing gun violence.

Common Sense Education
Find out how Chuck Horn plans to enhance Ohio's education system, focusing on core skills and equitable funding.
Understand Chuck Horn's dedication to transparency, campaign finance reform, and ending political corruption.
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