Common Sense Work: A Vision for Ohio

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In Ohio, the labor movement has a storied history, dating back to 1881 when Samuel Gompers organized the group that would evolve into the American Federation of Labor in 1886, right here in Columbus, Ohio. Today, as our economy shifts away from heavy industries like steel and automotive, the service sector has become the frontline for workers' rights, encompassing areas such as communications, healthcare, and education.

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic forced us to recognize the essential nature of the four most common jobs in America – retail sales, cashiers, food service workers, and registered nurses. These roles put workers in direct physical proximity to the public, underscoring their importance. Moreover, it highlighted the significance of a living wage for Ohio's working people, as it fuels the demand that underpins a robust and healthy economy. In essence, when working people have money in their pockets, the entire economy thrives.

Chuck Horn's background is steeped in a deep appreciation for the dignity of work. He has held various jobs, from delivering papers to manual labor and even janitorial work. This firsthand experience allows him to connect with the workforce on a profound level.
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Chuck Horn's Common Sense Approach

Chuck Horn's vision for common sense work in Ohio is rooted in several key principles: 
Public Spending at Prevailing Wages:
Chuck believes that public spending should support both working people and the surrounding communities. He advocates against undercutting the market in a race to the bottom in terms of quality and standards.

Combatting Worker Misclassification:
Chuck recognizes the dangers of labeling employees as independent contractors to avoid responsibilities like providing healthcare, addressing malfeasance, and paying their fair share of taxes. In the age of the gig economy, this abuse has intensified, with giant corporations leveraging technology to exploit working people. 

Championing Worker Rights: 
Chuck firmly opposes so-called "Right to Work" policies, seeing them as a deceptive ploy for workers to accept low wages and limited organizing rights. He emphasizes that money is not speech, and corporations are not people.
If you're ready to stand for common sense work, join Chuck Horn's movement to create a better workplace, fair wages, and a thriving economy for Ohioans.
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The political programs of Mr. Horn, among other options, are aimed at taking care of our community, which is very important for our state and that’s exactly why I appreciate what he does.
— Harold Barnett, Artist
"Chuck really helps small businesses. Though he has a great program for every sector, his thoughts on developing small companies may greatly improve the role of entrepreneurs."
— Kelly McMillan, Entrepreneur
"I've spent hours discussing politics with Chuck. I'm a Libertarian and lean right but when it comes to local issues, you can't beat Chuck! He loves the community, has a good focus on what is locally relevant and would be a good representative for everyone in this community."
 — Greg Newell, Advertising
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