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Common Sense Education: A Brighter Future for Ohio's Students

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Public schools are an American invention and a fundamental part of what makes our nation great. They are the cornerstone of our communities, where future leaders, innovators, and citizens are nurtured. However, the Ohio K-12 school system has faced persistent challenges, and the political leadership has, unfortunately, ignored the issue for 17 years. It's time for a change!

Chuck Horn believes in a common-sense approach to education that focuses on ensuring every Ohio student has access to a high-quality education.
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Key Priorities for Ohio's School System: 

Core Skills and Civic Education: Chuck advocates for prioritizing state funding on core skills like reading and math. These skills have been proven to provide students with better life outcomes. Additionally, including civics education in the curriculum encourages future participatory citizenship, helping to build a responsible and informed citizenry.

Local Funding for Non-Core Activities: Chuck supports the idea of leaving funding for extra-curricular activities and non-core learning to local property taxes. This approach allows communities to invest in the areas that matter most to them while ensuring that the basics are covered by state resources.

Equity in Funding: Chuck aims to address the disparities in funding between public and private schools. Private schools, which receive state funds, should be subject to the same testing, rating, teacher certification, and open enrollment requirements as public schools. This would level the playing field and ensure that taxpayer dollars are used effectively and transparently.

Parent Outreach: Chuck believes in investing in parent outreach programs, including robocalls, in high-risk areas. These programs are designed to encourage early reading to children, fostering a love for learning from an early age.

The Future of Ohio: Chuck recognizes that public schools educate 90% of our children, and Ohio's future is dependent upon having a well-educated populace. By addressing these key priorities, he aims to create a brighter future for Ohio's students.
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The political programs of Mr. Horn, among other options, are aimed at taking care of our community, which is very important for our state and that’s exactly why I appreciate what he does.
— Harold Barnett, Artist
"Chuck really helps small businesses. Though he has a great program for every sector, his thoughts on developing small companies may greatly improve the role of entrepreneurs."
— Kelly McMillan, Entrepreneur
"I've spent hours discussing politics with Chuck. I'm a Libertarian and lean right but when it comes to local issues, you can't beat Chuck! He loves the community, has a good focus on what is locally relevant and would be a good representative for everyone in this community."
 — Greg Newell, Advertising
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Are you ready to stand for Common Sense?

If you're ready to stand for common sense and support Chuck Horn's vision for a stronger, more equitable education system in Ohio, join us in our mission to improve public schools, empower students, and build a brighter future for our state.
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