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Public schools were invented in America and are part of what makes us great!

The Ohio legislature was charged by the Supreme Court to fix the Ohio K-12 school system, and the political leadership has ignored the issue for 17 years! Seriously!!

1. I would focus state funding on core skills like reading and math which are proven to give students better life outcomes and include civics to encourage future participatory citizenship.
2. I would leave funding for extra-curricular activities and non-core learning to local property taxes.
3. Stop the hemorrhaging of funds to private schools which are not subject to the same testing, rating, teacher certification and open enrollment requirements of public schools. Let’s level the playing field if they want state funds.
4. Fund parent outreach (including robocalls) in high risk areas to encourage early reading to children.
5. Public schools educate 90% of our children, and Ohio’s future is dependent upon having a well-educated populace.

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